First Time Users First Time Users



First Time Users on Calhoun Community College myCalhoun Portal                    

1. Go to the site where you will come to the Calhoun Community College myCampus Portal login page












2. Your login name will be your Calhoun C#: 



3. Before you can continue you must fill out the 3 security questions.











4. Every question must be filled out and the answer has to be more than two characters in length. If you fail to make your answer more than two characters in length you will receive the following message.







5. Once you are done hit save on the bottom of the page. When it is complete you will see  "Questions updated successfully" note appear on the page.













6. From here you can either go on to step two and set a new password by typing in a new password twice or move on to step 3 and click to enter myCalhoun.

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